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March 7, 1932 - July 25, 2013

SANDGREG  was a Scottish Terrier Kennel based in Michigan, and was another highly successful breeding line based on the Three Bs. 
John and Barbara DeSaye started in California with Ch. Wee Doc of Rancho Milandy, a grandson of Irene Robertson's great Ch. Glad Mac Rolling Stone.  Wee Doc, although not a wheaten himself, was descended on both sides of his pedigree from Heather Asset.  Bred to a granddaughter of Mrs. John Gilkey's Ch. Gilke's Johnny Come Lately, another descendant from Heather Asset through the wheaten, Ch. Bramshire Blazing Sun, Wee Doc sired Ch. Sandgreg's Ball of Fire, the first of many Sandgreg wheaten champions.
The DeSayes subsequently acquired two bitches from the John Charves, Ch. Charves Dazzler Design, litter sister to the great Ch. Charves Dazzler Dyke, and Ch. Charves Dashing Dawtie, Design, bred to Ch. Bardene Bingo, produced a litter of four champions, including Ch. Sandgreg's Keeno Ticket, a special winner in the United States and BIS winner in Canada. It was Dawtie, however, who would produce two of the breed's most influential sires, Ch. Sandgreg's Headliner and Ch. Sandgreg's Editorial. Editorial was older and had a successful show career, winning the 1979 Scottish Terrier Club of America Rotating Specialty and a number of Groups, all owner-handled.  Headliner's younger full brother, Editorial, sacrificed a glamorous show career in order not to compete against Headliner.  Instead, Editorial stayed home and became the breed's third leading sire, with sixty-two champions. 
Editorial’s get took honors at Specialties across the country.  His top-winning offspring was Ch. Sandgreg’s Foxmoor, winner of the Lloyd Trophy in 1987 and 1988.  Foxmoor was a BIS winner and won eighteen Specialty BOBs, including three Nationals.  He capped his career by winning BOB at Montgomery County in 1989.  Sadly, Foxmoor sired only a few litters, but one of his seven champion offspring, Ch. Koch’s Shadow Fox of Glenlee, is the gran-dam of Ch. Gaelforce Post Script.
Editorial’s top-producing son is Ch. Sandgreg’s Second Edition, currently the breed’s second top sire, with seventy-two champions.  The DeSayes sold Second Edition in 1984, shortly after he was Winners Dog at Montgomery County.  When Editorial passed away suddenly in the summer of 1985, the DeSayes were able to buy back the dog who would surpass his famous sire.  Second Edition’s top-winning offspring is Ch. Brookhill’s Morning Edition, twice BIS at Montgomery County.
Editorial’s brother, Ch. Sandgreg’s Headliner, sired eighteen champions, including the great Ch. Braeburn’s Close Encounter, the breed’s all-time top-winner; Ch. Braeburn’s Main Event, sire of twenty-five champions for Bengt and Cynthia Wallgreen; and Ch. Sandgreg’s Square Deal, sire of twnty-two champions for owner Irene Robertson.
The boys are not the only top-producers at Sandgreg.  Ch. Sandgreg’s Sweet Luv is the second top-producing bitch in breed history, with a total of eighteen champions. 
Ch. Sandgreg’s Sweet Charity is the dam of eleven champions and Charity’s daughter, Ch. Sandgreg’s Sweet Scarlet, is the dam of eight champions.
Editorial, Headliner and Second Edition sired lovely dogs of all colors, but their place in history will rest largely on the fact that their wheaten offspring were the equal of their black and brindle progeny.  For years, wheatens, like blacks, were wrongly thought to have certain undesirable traits somehow linked to coat color.  Wheatens were said to have coarse heads, large eyes, bad coats, and numerous other problems.  In fact, the only time wheatens were not equal in all respects to blacks and brindles was when breeding stock was selected on the basis of color alone.
The DeSayes wisely selected their dogs on overall quality – as result, the Sandgreg sires produced good dogs of all colors.  Still, was the exciting wheatens who put them on the map.  Among these were, Ch. Sandgreg’s Sweet Charity, multiple Group and Specialty winner and top-producing dam of eleven champions (including Foxmoor); Ch. Wychwyre Liberty, first wheaten Winners Bitch at Montgomery County; and the 1986 Lloyd Trophy winner, Ch. Sandgreg’s Sweet Luv.  Sweet Luv was the second wheaten Winners Bitch at Montgomery County, the third BIS wheaten in America and the first wheaten Lloyd Trophy winner. 
The DeSayes success proves Dr. Ewing’s maxim that “there was never a good Scottie with a bad color”


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"The New Scottish Terrier"
Cindy Cooke
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Howell Books (April 1996)
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